Workshops & Keynotes


Are you looking for training for your team, speakers for your corporate meeting or a keynote address for your next function?


Does your human resources organization need help building positive workplace cultures and engaged employees? We can deliver training workshops and keynote addresses that will inspire your leaders and employees to take charge of their career and workplace happiness and take the necessary action to be invested in your business. We can also deliver training workshops that will educate and empower your human resources team to be the strategic partner both you and your employees need them to be. We tailor our workshop for the audience, because the Frientorship™ message is universally applicable and actionable.

Attendees will learn:
1) What really motivates employees
2) How to have meaningful and appropriate workplace friendships for better collaboration and shared knowledge
3) How to identify skill gaps and where to go internally and externally to fill those gaps
4) How accountability, self-awareness and communication transform bosses into leaders
5) The role of human resources in supporting employees while building leader accountability
6) How to cascade these principles throughout a team, a department and an organization.

Attendees will be able to develop and cascade principles of Frientorship™, which will ensure business continuity and success for years to come. Contact us for more information about our programs!